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Local with Laura Ekstrand

May 30, 2023

In this episode of Local, Laura interviews Sydney Marie Fucito, a New Jersey-based actress with a passion for theatre and the arts. Sydney shares her journey, from earning a Theatre Arts degree at Centenary University to her current role as a Marketing Assistant at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

Sydney discusses her experience in marketing, focusing on learning Adobe products and keeping up with social media trends to engage younger audiences. Highlighting her favorite acting roles, Sydney explains her affinity for characters that are vastly different from herself. She shares the transformative experience of playing an arsonist in "Marisol" and emphasizes the importance of honoring the larger story through acting.

Sydney reflects on the emotionally taxing production of "Twirl" and its ability to start conversations and hold a mirror to the world. She also sheds light on the fast-paced nature of New Jersey's regional theatre scene, with short rehearsal periods and the upcoming season at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, including her involvement in a reading of a new play Acts of Creation by Brianna Barrett.

Join Laura Ekstrand and Sydney Marie Fucito in this insightful episode as they explore theatre, marketing, and the arts in New Jersey.