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Local with Laura Ekstrand

Oct 18, 2020

In this episode, Laura is joined by playwright and educator David Lee White. A longtime friend and frequent Dreamcatcher collaborator, David has worked with theatres and theatre programs across the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area. And this month with Dreamcatcher, we’re thrilled to be virtually premiering David Lee White’s audio play Ways to Be Happy.

David and Laura share a warm and lively conversation—socially distanced on the Dreamcatcher stage—about the challenge of trying to write the current moment, how he first started writing Ways to Be Happy in grad school and how it was developed since, the welcome respite of taking a laugh break, and what his 10-year-old son thinks of his life and work as a playwright. We’re so happy to share this conversation with the wonderful David Lee White—and we invite you to join the conversation and tell us what you do to recharge and find happiness.

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Music by Jeff Ertz and John Todd