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Local with Laura Ekstrand

Nov 30, 2020

Jessica F. Baskerville is a playwright based in New Jersey. She joins Laura for a fascinating and wide-sweeping conversation, covering the personal, political, and the life and work of a young creative whose work thus far has been intimately focused on community and sotries in New Jersey. Jessica tells Laura about attending Whitney Houston Academy in East Orange where she was a middle school drama major, making her way with determination back to New Jersey for college after attending high school in Maryland, and some of the projects she’s produced since graduating from Montclair State University. Jessica has delved into history and themes of community, culture, and race, her work has been produced at Luna Stages, Montclair’s Undoing Racism Committee, and in December she premieres a one-act play part of Dreamcatcher’s Holiday Bites. This conversation is not to be missed, and Jessica F. Baskerville is a name and a voice that we’re so pleased to get to know.


Music by Jeff Ertz and John Todd